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About Us

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Louie’s pickles and Italian Deli has been around since 2013. It started with just a humble storefront on Hwy 411 in Odenville, Alabama—a simple vision to sell varieties of fresh pickles. These delicacies are prepared in a “cold-process” method which keeps the pickles so much crisper than “store-bought!” Customers were invited to sample from the dozen or so different flavors available. You could find dill pickles, hot pickles, garlic pickles, horseradish pickles and more. As the word got out, folks from all over came to buy their favorite choices.

One day, when Louie was preparing a Philly-cheesesteak for his and Becky’s lunch in the back of the shop, a pickle customer said, “Oh wow!  What’s that wonderful smell?” When Louie described his famous “Whiz Wit”, he offered the customer a sandwich of his own.  As that amazed customer wiped melted cheese from his lips, he declared it to be love at first bite

And that, folks, is all she wrote!

Through much research and investment, this couple decided to establish a small Italian Deli in conjunction with the increasingly popular pickle sales. News traveled fast. Newspapers, magazines and TV shows began to inquire about the buzz—the unique story of how an Italian boy from up North met a Blount County girl and opened a pickle store in small-town Odenville, AL!

Fred Hunter of Fox 6 News came to do a segment for “Absolutely Alabama”, in May, 2014. Following this, Louie was invited to demonstrate his expertise on Fox6 “Good Day Alabama” morning show which led to monthly cooking shows that continue to be popular today.

Louie has a cooking staff now. Authentic and amazing Philly cheesesteaks and hoagies created the way they were meant to be made, are prepared fresh daily, along with Philly-style pizza. When you come into the store, your food is prepared with fresh Italian bread, meats and cheeses that have been express-shipped from Philadelphia, PA as well as fresh vegetables and ingredients bought daily from local farmers. Both are ingredients that make perhaps the best deli sandwiches you’ll ever put in your mouth!  “Grandma” Consoli’s dough and sauce recipes are made fresh daily to create masterful pizza-pies like you’ve never had before.

If you ask Louie today, he’ll say, “Pickles, pizzas, cheesesteaks and hoagies are what we do! We know our customers on a first-name basis like they know who WE are! We take care of each other. That’s the way it’s supposed to be--like family, you know? We wouldn’t have it any other way, doing things right for the best customers in the world!”